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Russel Lapp, 1972-Present, is an American-Contemporary pen and ink artist, born in Miles City, MT.

Lapp studied in Lincoln, NE at Wesleyan University, where he was little influenced by the artistic currents at the University, and prefers to remain self-taught. 

His early sketches and drawings gained favorable appeal in the early 1990's while sketching for various marketing entities. As of late, several of his art works have become very popular.

Lapp excels in the ability to create most of his art work via his uncanny skill to recall images from memory in great detail. In his drawings, there is a frequent atmosphere of loneliness with a positive spin on the clear sense of day or night.  His work in pen and ink is slowly and carefully sketched.  Lapp will frequently recreate the same image multiple times to manage a simple yet meaningful representation of the mental concept he wishes to portray. 

Besides being an artist, Lapp works full-time as a Law Enforcement Official and credits his success to his family, friends, and co-workers.  His primary goal is to promote a sense of western heritage through his experiences in the Badlands of North Dakota and Eastern Montana.

Info & Bio

I live and work in Medora, North Dakota and am constantly amazed at the beauty the Badlands has to offer. I am often compelled to create simple yet meaningful representations in my drawings. All my works were inspired by actual visual impressions that captured my attention while living in and around the badlands of Montana and western North Dakota. I hope my drawings cause you to wonder what other amazing sights the Badlands may have to offer.

Medora is a historic western town that attracts thousands of visitors every summer. Theodore Roosevelt National Park is a constant source of inspiration for me, and if you have a chance, take the time to stop by, say hello, and visit the Badlands.

My drawings are also displayed at the Western Edge Book Store in Medora. I will be on location and available for public signings throughout the summer of 2011. 

Due to time constraints I am not accepting work as an illustrator, and orders for one of a kind artists proofs will be only considered in the fall of 2011, as I will be preparing new works for release in 2012.

Again I wish to thank each of my customers for your support.

My very Best,

Badlands Battle Cat in Dacotah High Noon The Home Place
Lost in Flight Midnight Weeping Pines Three Kings Ingenuity in Ranching
Fishing the Little Missouri Imagine the Color Handbleceya Prairie Rose
Artwork13 Sixth and Pacific Alone and Blue
Wild Lily Black Eyed Susan

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